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Helping to Save Lives During Kitten Season

As Spring is kitten season and June is Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month, we've decided to partner up with the Humane Society of Durham Region (HSDR) to help save some kittens! 


Earlier this month, we held a photoshoot for our Summer Collection (launching June 10th 2017!) and the Humane Society kindly dropped off two adorable kittens (Bubbles and Clementine) to help model our new products. These sisters will soon be available for adoption (they're still only a few weeks old!). Both kittens were adorably cuddly and full of energy. We had so much fun working with them and it was so hard to walk away from them.

If you're looking for a way to help save a kitten's life but can't take one in yourself, the HSDR's Kitty Kare Sponsorship Program is an amazing way to help. Below, you'll find more information from HSDR about how you can help them save kittens:

It costs HSDR more than $150 in out-of-pocket expenses to ensure a kitten is ready to be adopted. This covers vaccinations, micro-chipping and spay/neutering. And that's for healthy kittens who have been nursed and weaned by mama - similar to the cuties we worked with.

However, most kittens who come to us are not so lucky - they are found abandoned at just days or weeks old and they have already picked up eye infections and upper respiratory infections, meaning they need medical attention right away. Also, in addition to the $150 as noted above, each kitten consumes about $60 worth of milk substitute over their first six weeks. And then there is the additional expense of the wet and dry food introduced as they grow.

grey and white kitten

As you can see, these furbabies need you to consider sponsoring their care and save their lives! Your tax-receiptable "Kitty Kare" gift of $150 will go a long way in providing the necessities they so desperately need to live!

What's more, you don't have to adopt your kitten - just show it your love by giving it a name. This is a great program for cat lovers who aren't able to adopt a kitten or cat due to allergies, travel, etc.

Sponsors will receive pics and weekly updates about their kitten, until they are adopted. To save your kitten, please call our office at 905-665-7430 and leave a message at ext. 225. Sponsorship's will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't delay!! On behalf of the kitties who are coming, we thank you!!

You can learn more about the Humane Society of Durham Region's Kitty Kare Program on their website or their Facebook page.




aww those kittens look so cute in that photoshoot! and yes the Kitty Kare gift is a great idea.


Sep 25, 2017


Adorable photos and great information! The Kitty Kare gift is a superb idea for helping our feline friends. Go HSDR!

Jun 12, 2017

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