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Meet the Meowdel: Calia

Cali is my very own fur baby and my biggest inspiration for Oh My Cat. Many people ask me how many cats I have (assuming that since I'm a crazy cat lady I must have many), but I've just got the one! Cali's the sweetest (but also neediest) cat I've ever know and she so happens to be a super talented meowdel. 

OH MY CAT: What city is home for you?

Cali: What’s a city? I live in a big 📦  high up in the sky.

What's the story behind your name?

My momma thought I was really pretty, so she chose the name Calia because it means “beautiful” in 🇬🇷.

What's your nickname?

My parents call me lots of names: Cali-bum, Boo-boo and Meow Meow but I prefer Cali.

How did you get your start in meowdelling?

My first meowdelling gig was for House of Cat. You may have seen some of my work on Etsy. Mommy says I’m good at meowdelling because I hold poses well. I just want her to leave me alone and let me nap...

calico cat

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Around 5:30am I like to head over to the window and keep an eye out for 🐦 s. I usually check in on my momma a couple times to see if she’s awake. She never is, but I like to poke her incessantly just to see. At 7am my food wheel turns and breakfast is served! I run over to eat, then I go back to bed to cuddle with momma until she gets up. While my parents are at work I usually nap or keep an eye on the 🐦 s that like to land on my balcony and 💩.  Sometimes I’ll drop one of my toys off in the bathroom as a 🎁  for momma to find when she gets home. Later, when momma comes home, we have more cuddles and we play. In the evenings I help momma out by inspecting 📦 s for her or testing cat toys. Then, I get my wet food and I’ll wait in bed for my parents to come cuddle with me. I like to fall asleep under the blankets with mommy and purr until we both 😴.

How do you stay fit?

Momma brings out this annoying red dot and I chase it until it goes away. I swear I’ve caught it tens times over but for some reason it keeps coming back 😾

What's your favourite cheat food?

I love chips. And 🍞. I’ll eat it right of our your ✋ if you let me.

What makes you purr?

When my daddy lets me smoosh my face into his face fur (I think you call it “beard”) and cuddle him.

cat cuddling man

What's your favourite napping spot?

On my tree in the living room. If I turn one way I can see everything my parents are doing. If I turn the other way, I can see the whole 🌎 !

What do you have hidden under the couch right now?

Many Mr. Mousies. Mommy keeps buying more and I just keep hiding them there.

Do you have a favourite outfit?

I love my 🍍  collar charm. I feel like a 👸  wearing a pretty gold necklace. Mommy says I look super pretty in it.

What’s your one annoying habit?

If my food wheel is empty, I’ll tip over the garbage cans and eat the garbage until mommy gets up and refills it.

How did you and your human meet?

My momma met me 5 years ago. I was an orphan kitty then. Momma’s roommates decided they wanted to be foster parents and I was the first kitty to move in with them. Then one day my momma came home and found me there. We had lots of cuddles and I really liked her. She decided to adopt me and we’ve been together ever since 😻 .

calico cat

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever gotten yourself into?

One time I got mad at daddy for locking me in the bedroom all day. So I left a 💩  pebble on his side of the 🛏 . He didn’t even know it was there until he went to 😴 . Then he found it and laid on it and he got very 😡  at me...

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