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Meet the Meowdel: Luna

Luna is one of the very first kitties we featured on our site. You may have spotted this adorable kitten and her fur-momma on our landing page before we launched our shop a few months ago. 

kitten laying on white bench

OH MY CAT: What’s the story behind your name?

LUNA: Truth be told, my Mom is a hippy, and there was a full moon the day I was born... She says it seemed like an obvious choice.

What's your nickname?

Boo Bear

How old are you?

8 months old

How did you and your human meet?

We met when I was 10 weeks old, in my first home in North Toronto, on a Saturday afternoon. I was playing with my brothers and sisters when my new mom walked in and I ran and hid. After a watching her play with my brother for a while, I went up behind her and nestled myself behind her knee. We’ve been together ever since.

Can you tell us what a typical day in your life looks like?

I wake up with my mom in bed, whom I cuddle with for about 10 minutes. Then she makes my breakfast and gives me fresh water. When I’m done eating I let myself into the bathroom and play with the water while Mom is in the shower (because who needs privacy?). Then I watch Mom plan her day, and help her with cleaning my litter box. I will play fetch with Mom throughout the day if she isn't busy. When Mom makes lunch I like to help, and when we are done eating I like to take a nap in the sun, or take a nap with her on the couch. After nap time, we play with my favourite toy (feathers attached to a string) and work on my jumping and hunting skills. Afterward, I climb onto the top of my tree while Mom finishes her work day. We spend the rest of the evening playing and cuddling.

kitten sitting on desk with flowers

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever gotten yourself into?

I like to climb into the bar cart and knock off wine glasses. But also one time I broke Mommy’s friend's planter... that was a real mess.

How do you stay fit?

I like to run circuits around the house and jump as high as I can.

Do you have any special talents?

Jumping! So far I have been able to jump 5ft, but I'm always trying to go higher.

What's your favourite cheat food?

Whiskas Temptations

What makes you purr?

Scratching my ‘boots’ as mom calls them (my back feet).

What's your favourite napping spot?

On Mom’s lap or at the top of my cat tree.

bengal kitten on cat tree

What's your favourite hiding spot?

Underneath the kitchen cabinets.

What do you have hidden under the couch right now?

A catnip mouse.

What's your favourite toy?

It’s feathers attached to a string. It reminds me of hunting birds.

What's your one annoying habit?

Sticking my face in water glasses and tipping them over. I don’t think it’s annoying - I think it’s fun... But the humans don’t seem to agree.

Have you travelled to any far away places?

Sometimes I visit my Grandma and Grandpa, but that’s only 30 minutes away.

kitten roaring

Luna occasionally makes appearances on her momma's instagram: @sarah_stoy

All images credit: Sarah Stoynavich. Please do not reproduce these without permission.


Mickey Oberman:

I must say that cats are, indeed, very special people.

My son’s cat is my favourite feline friend and he comes to baby sit me when my son has to go out of town.
He is very shy and restrained and refined and proud and just a little bossy.
There is much I could tell you about this beautiful tabby kin of the king of the jungle. I will not go into detail now as it is 12:52 am and I am tired. He can tell the time. He is very good at geometry. His favourite food is tuna juice. I am teaching him to conduct a symphony orchestra. He prefers waltzes. He has taught me how to take cat naps. He is immaculate. He loves to sunbathe. I think he is about 12 years old now and is a very important family member. I consider him to be my youngest grandchild.
I am a sucker for cats.
G’nigh, Luna and Sarah.

Jul 27, 2017

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