Hi Everyone! Erica here, owner of Oh My Cat. I took the reigns of this wonderful little world in late 2019 from Catherine Kazmir, who began it in 2017. 

I met Catherine because....I own The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies! At OUR large events and festivals, we feature a Women's Artisan Market. Catherine would participate in my events, we struck up a friendship and she filled me in on her intention to move on and sell the shop. Flash forward to 2020 and here we are!


It's been nice to venture into a new world and try something new! Having a ton of retail, sales and customer service experience AND being officially obsessed with my two adorable little bro/sis furballs - Muffin & Pickles- it just made SENSE rock Oh My Cat.

With OMC, we don't take ourselves too seriously. I mean after all, we're selling artisanal cat items. How amazingly adorable is that!? I've curated a shop full of kitchy artisan products for your cat OR for you!
Whether you’ve just adopted your first cat, you’re looking for a gift for a friend who is obsessed with cats or you’re just looking to spoil your fur baby, look no further. We’ve got the perfect gift for every type of cat lover! 
I'm sure like many of you, cats have been a constant part of my life.
I grew up with two cats - Bob & Ted! - that my parents bought after that got married. I would visit my oma and love her little cat Smokey (even though I was mega-allergic as a kid!)
My best friend Jens' two cats - Eleanor and Mabel!- were the loveliest things and it was in university in Montreal with her watching her as the greatest cat mom ever that I knew once I settled down, cats would be a big part of my life. 

Want to shop Oh My Cat in person?

Our Toronto-area friends can shop Oh My Cat locally at the many craft shows, fleas and markets we’ll be vending at throughout the year. Follow us on social media @ohmycatshop, sign up for our newsletter right here on the site or see our Events page to find out where you can catch us next! You can ALSO shop the site and hit "local pick-up" to save those pesky shipping fees.

Cheers & have a PAWESOME day!