lavender-mint cat litter box deodorizer
all natural litter box deodorizer lemongrass cat litter box deodorizer lavender-mint cat litter box deodorizer mint cat litter box deodorizer

Safely and naturally treat your cat’s litter box while eliminating and absorbing unwanted odours. Contains all natural, organic ingredients to effectively deodorize and eliminate odours, without masking or covering them up. Helps to extend the effectiveness of litter.

Free of toxins, artificial fragrances and essential oils, this product is biodegradable, clay free and eco friendly. Can be used with any type of litter (including clumping and flushable).

Available in 3 scents: Lavender-Mint, Lemongrass and Fresh Mint.

How to Use:

After scooping the litter box, sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of deodorizer into the litter. Add a few sprinkles in between cleanings if necessary.