calico cat felted keychain
black cat keychain calico cat felted keychain grey tabby cat keychain handmade cat keychain packaging black cat keychain tabby cat handmade keychain
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Like having a little fur friend in your pocket at all times, this felt keychain is as soft as your favourite feline but won’t run away from a tight squeeze. Made from needled felt and high-quality antique copper keychain, this is a great addition to a set of keys, wallet, or your favourite backpack.

The felted cat measures approximately 1.5 inches high and comes in black, grey, or calico (pictured here). Attach it to the Cat Change Purse or start a cute little collection with the Donut Box Baby Cat Keychain.

What makes this product special?

handmade item made in usa

Handmade: This one of a kind item was lovingly crafted by hand.

Where it's made: This item was made in the United States.