tuxedo cat bookmark jumbo
tabby cat bookmark jumbo white angora mutt bookmark jumbo tuxedo cat bookmark jumbo orange tabby jumbo cat bookmark calico jumbo cat bookmark back of cat bookmark

Read and plan with your very own cat magnetic bookmark! With the use of magnets, the bookmark is able to clip over your page and stay where you last left it. It does a great job at cheering you on through any daily planning or book reading. Designed, printed, hand-made, and assembled with lots of love!

Created using photo stock and thin magnets, these vibrant bookmarks are just the right thickness to ensure they securely keep their spot while not damaging the pages in your book. Each bookmark has a designed front and back as seen in photos. It is a perfect companion while reading!

Dimensions: Approximately 5-6cm (2-2.4 inches) when folded. Varies slightly depending on design.

5 cat types available: Tuxedo, Grey Tabby, Orange Tabby, White Angora & Mutt and Calico

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