valerian root cat treat
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Every cat is unique, so why should all of them be treated the same? Valerian root is a safe alternative for cats who don’t quite feel the effects of the plant’s more famous cousin, catnip.

Valerian root is a plant that has been used for centuries by humans to treat a variety of ailments, including insomnia and anxiety. While it calms people, valerian root tends to have a stimulating effect on cats, helping encourage exercise and playtime.

The root of this plant contains a chemical called valerinone, which is very similar to the active ingredient in catnip (nepetalactone). Cats are more likely to go crazy for valerian root because, unlike catnip, it doesn't require them to have a specific receptor in their noses for it.

How to use:

Refill a cat toy with valerian root or just sprinkle a bit on your cat's favourite napping place. Use valerian in all the same ways that you would use catnip (as a treat, a stimulant, or even a training tool!)

Does valerian root smell bad?

To humans, valerian root smells a little like dirty socks. Fortunately (or unfortunately), cats aren’t turned off by the smell of dirty socks or they’d steer clear of your laundry pile.

Each pouch contains 1.75oz/50g of USDA Certified Organic, cut/sifted loose dried valerian herb (Valeriana officinalis).