adult and kitten size unicorn cat hats
cat wearing unicorn hat adult and kitten size unicorn cat hats male siberian cat wearing unicorn hat

Caticorns are real! Dress your cat up as a unicorn with this hand knit cat hat. The body of the hat is made with local Ontario Alpaca wool and the roving features a colourful blend of pastel sheep's wool. Made exclusively for Oh My Cat.

The hat features 2 slits for your cat's ears to poke out comfortably from. The braided ties allow you to secure it safely and easily to your kitty's head (some kitty's like to wear the hat unfastened, while others have no problem rocking it tied up).

Each hat is carefully knit by hand. Size and colours may vary slightly.  Available in Adult and Kitten sizes. Adult hats fit the average adult cat. The hats have some stretch to them and have long ties. Unless your cat has a very small head, the Adult size should fit most cats. 

Please do not leave your cat unattended while wearing their hat.

Tips for getting your cat to wear his hat:

  • Let your cat get comfortable with the hat first. Let them rub it a little and get their smell all over it.
  • Don't try putting it on your cat when they're in play mode. Wait until they're about to nod off for a cat nap, just waking up or have just eaten.
  • Your cat may not like the idea of the hat right away, but if you keep at it, they may come around eventually.¬†Grover, our model, was trained to wear his hat by being given a treat whenever he wore it!

Sizing (all measurements are approximate and can vary slightly as they are handmade):


Ear slit size: 1.5"
Width of space between the two ears (at the crown of the head): 2"


Ear slit size: 2"
Width of space between the two ears (at the crown of the head): 2.5"

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